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Julie van der Hijde
Marketing & Tech

Heey everyone! I’m Julie,

a third year’s Bachelor Psychology and Technology student!

During my first bachelor year I became extremely fascinated by neuroscience, neuroengineering, the brain🧠 and the endless possibilities after seeing a video of a paralyzed woman being able to steer a robot arm into giving her a drink… with her mind🤯🤯!! When I heard Victor was starting up a student team that wanted create new technologies that can extend human capabilities, I knew I wanted to join the team!

Within HART I am now focusing on the development because I want to be as close as possible to the potential users of our creations! I also want to be involved in research and find out how to let the technology and the user work best together and combine it with some of the knowledge I gained in my studies📚.

I am not completely sure what I will be doing in the future, however, I am certain that it will be something in the field of Human-Technology Interaction or Neuroscience, and Team HART is a great start! 💜

Robbe Nagel
Tech & Business

Hi! I'm Robbe Nagel,

a second year's Bachelor Industrial Design student. Besides being part of HART, I also work at TU/e innovation Space as student assistant Community & Communications. I have also had my own little start-up in design consultancy. The reason I am and have been involved in these things is because I want to be where interesting technologies and products are being developed.

That is why I joined HART. I believe in the mission to bring humans to an augmented level and create freedom of experience with it. At HART, I am co-responsible for building a network of companies and organizations that will help us reach our goals. Furthermore, I am also part of the Development team, focusing on prototyping and UX design.

I am still an early student, so it is too early for me to get tied to anything yet. Nonetheless, I love to bring like-minded people with different talents together, as this is the foundation of innovation. I hope to be doing this after I graduate and develop great products and platforms.

Ben Esseling
Connect & Tech

Hey everyone! I'm Ben,

a second year Applied Physics and Mathematics student with a passion for everything functional design and innovation. I have designed, build, and played with :), anything from small LEGO Mindstorms up to 125 pound competition robots! I aim to never pass up an opportunity to develop myself, and that - together with my new found love for Human Augmentation - has brought me here at HART.

I can see a future where what we do at HART will be ingrained in our everyday life, and will improve our lives for the better, this is what I want to contribute to! The place where you'll most likely find me is right at the core of how people perceive and how we can create technology to use that to its fullest potential.

There are quite a few years of being a student lying ahead of me, but I know for sure that with these kinds of challenges and people around me, they won't be boring!

Lisa Overdevest
Marketing, Awareness & Tech

Hii! My name is Lisa

and I’m currently studying Industrial Engineering. As my study already refers, I can get quite enthusiastic about analyzing and optimizing inefficient processes. Besides that, I am fascinated by the brain and its abilities. The human body has many limitations both physically and mentally but shows enormous potential for new possibilities as well. In a way, human augmentation creates the possibility to ‘optimize’ the human body, which is truly fascinating!

My decision to join HART is based on the great variety of possibilities within and out of the team. Not only am I able to follow and support this amazing process of expanding our world of senses, but I am also able to work with a team of ambitious people where I can develop myself. I’ll focus on the potential users for human augmentation. Besides, I’ll look for great partnerships that can help HART towards the next step. I'm excited to work with the motivated people that this team has. I’m sure I won’t be bored during my time at HART!💜

Gilles Bonné

Hello everyone, my name is Gilles,

an Applied Physics master student. I’m currently doing my graduation project about point-of-care biosensors at a biotech startup. Next to my study, I have started a technical consultancy business in which we advise companies using fluid simulations.

Team HART is for me about questioning what is human. To explore the realm of applications, find out the limits, and get the maximum possible out of it. I love to improve all aspects of life, increasing the capabilities of the human body. Brain-machine interfaces have a high potential in this field and are therefore something I am very excited about. With our team, I hope to bring some of this technological potential to the masses using the non-invasive method we develop.

Within HART I will be working on both the hardware as well as the software. I’m grateful to be working in this team of highly motivated and capable individuals with which I hope to transcend the reality in which we live and think.

Julie Hamoen
Marketing & Tech

Hi everybody! I am Julie,

and I am currently studying Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering. I have always been interested in health and the current restrictions of the human body. Thinking of the impossible and looking for ways to make it possible is something that really interests me. The process of thinking of new ways to improve human capabilities is what I aspire to do within HART. I believe there is still so much we can accomplish when looking at human augmentation!

Within the team, I focus on the hardware and partly on software. I really like working on the hardware, as it allows you to create completely new products. Something else I like is making a bridge between user and technology, which is helpful when looking at all the ways we can implement (our😉) new technology. I am in the marketing cluster as well, where I am interested in making people more aware of human capabilities and their future possibilities. I am confident that we can create the future!

Marco Pleket
Tech & Business

Hi! I'm Marco Pleket,

a fourth-year Computer Science & Engineering bachelor student interested in all things algorithms and AI! After my years pursuing an Honors degree, I got to know the founders of Team HART and have been eager to join ever since. With my interest in Acquisition, I couldn't help but feel excited about joining the team and helping them pursue their goals. In my student life, I have mostly let myself go with the flow. The social aspect of student life, networking, and meeting new people, was important to me. This allowed me to pursue social hobbies outside of the university, most notable DJ'ing and performing live music. However, in my time with the Honors community, my goals in professional development became much more ambitious and clear. I think Team HART has what it takes for me to narrow down to a field much more specific. I hope to help the team achieve their goals with my experience while learning new skills that will help me along my own journey as well!

Rik Schutte
Marketing, People & Tech

Haihaii! I'm Rik,

a Psychology & Technology student with a great interest in all things AI and enhancing the lives of people. I've also made an academic detour in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Wanting to make the most of student life, I was the lead Interaction Design at Blue Jay Eindhoven, where I am still an advisor, help organize activities at Technology for Global Development, participate in multiple committees at my study association Intermate, and I'm a student consultant at Unipartners. Oh yeah, between that madness, there's some exercising and studying too 😀

I've always wanted to leave a positive mark on the world by partaking in innovative projects that can improve the lives of people, and I feel like human augmentation is a fantastic way to achieve this. Informing the public and showing what human augmentation can achieve aligns perfectly with what I want to accomplish in Team HART!

Sem Jordaan
Marketing & Tech

Hey there! I am Sem Jordaan,

a third-year bachelor's student in industrial design. I have a fascination with the way humans behave. This is where my love for social design comes from. I am interested in how design can be there to help solve social issues on personal levels, such as for disabilities or medical issues. I might just have been a psychology student if it wasn't for my love of designing and crafting 😉

When I heard Robbe Nagel was forming a student team about extending the human senses so that a deaf person might hear through its skin, I got hooked!! Within the team, I put my skills as a designer to the test when we are testing and improving our V3 prototype's form. I am very happy I can be a part of team HART and the upcoming field of human augmentation, which fit my interests in human behavior extremely well!

Oh btw... I also have a passion for photography and making videos. You might see some of my work as promotional material for HART 🤫.

Tess Geerts
People & Tech

Hello everyone! My name is Tess Geerts,

and I am currently a third-year industrial design student. I am interested in designing for everyday life situations and using design to make those more efficient and seamless. I think Human Augmentation is a very seamless way to improve everyday life. I am also enjoying teaching, and I am therefore curious about effective learning processes. I have an interest in team culture, work efficiency, and internal motivation because I believe that a good design process is vital for authentic and useful design. I see very much potential in the innovative idea and team structure of team HART, and I am really excited to be part of it. For now, I will mainly focus on the people within the team, the prototype, and presenting the idea to the outside world in a clear way.

Codrin Stefan Vicu

Hello, world! My name is Codrin,

and I am a third-year Electrical Engineering student who took too many neuroscience and neuroengineering courses 😅 I am very interested in the medical applications of electrical engineering and brain-computer interfaces. Having the opportunity to work in this team pushes forward my dream to work in the human augmentation domain, and I cannot wait to improve my practical skills working on a prototype.

Watching how fast-paced the world is changing around me, I realized that human augmentation is going to be part of a real thing, but having a disruptive technology like this accessible to everybody would be an even greater achievement. I joined this team because I saw how quickly they develop, and being part of such a promising project makes me feel that I can build the "future".

I am working on the hardware and software part mainly, but I would also like to explore the marketing and business part of the team as much as I can.

Ben de Jong

Hello everybody! I'm Ben,

My name is Ben, a second year Master student at Industurial Design. All my life I have been interested in emerging technologies and the possibilities they will bring to our lives. By taking inspiration from science-fiction, philosophy and technology, I like to explore what our future might look like and see what ethical concerns we might have to face. As a society we will have to think about how we would want these technologies to fit into our lives and I like to use design and imagineation to start this discussion.I joined team HART to be part of the product development of these technologies with amazing and inspiring people and to question the ethical considerations of these technologies. At team HART we have the great opportunity to set a stage for many new students to dive into this topic and expand the experience we as humans can have through technology.

Sander Steeghs
Sjoerd van de Goor

Heyo! I am Sjoerd,

a second-year Computer Science Bachelor student. I am addicted to writing software & especially working with AI (may end up creating the AI-singularity, we'll see). Team HART is now working on creating a whole new way of interpreting language, among otherany other things. We're using AI to create an entirely new language, based on dynamic (moving) patterns, so that the user of our sleeve can learn the language as fast as possible. I think Human Agumentation is the future of humankind. We are already seeing the first signs of this with Meta's Metaverse, VR/AR, and so on. The possibilities are endless and undiscovered. Team HART is working hard on enhancing human experience, currently with hearing through a sleeve, but expanding into other fields quickly as well! Currently I work on Pattern Distinguisability, where we use AI to define "good" patterns to play on the sleeve for different sounds. Who knows... perhaps you will be listening to lectures through your arm soon!

Damian Bustowski
Tech & People

Hey! My name is Damian

and currently I am pursuing my second year of Computer Science Bachelor. The focal point of my education as well as a long-term goal is to conduct brain research, specifically by using both rapidly developing artificial intelligence models and neuroimaging hardware and software. I believe that the AI developments in the last decade mark a pivotal moment in the area of neuroscience, which hopefully will bring us paradigm-shifting research in the next decade! Aside from my studies I like to spend my free time learning about cultures and societies, cognitive science, programming, and philosophy of mind.

My main incentive to join HART was mostly my curiosity about the project and the thrill of collaborating with people towards a common goal, which is enhancing and pushing boundaries of what (and how!) humans can experience. Considering my background, I mostly spend my time at HART working on software and hardware, but I also enjoy putting my effort into fostering wellbeing and a sense of community withing the team.

Simone Parvizi

Ciao! I'm Simone from Italy.

I came to the Netherlands to study Neuroscience in Amsterdam. Back in Italy, during the lockdown of the pandemic, I've started learning a bit about coding and AI, and I immediately became interested in their interactions.

On Linkedin, through the Human Brain Project, I've discovered Team HART and it was so fascinating: a group of extremely young enthusiastic students working on one of the most interesting fields that exist. It was amazing to get accepted and to get the chance to give my part in this project, also because I think that the Neuroscience aspect can not be ignored in the Human Augmentation field.

Right now in my internship, I am developing an AI model to assess the sleep stage in a sleeping person in real-time, and I hope that my future knowledge will give me the possibility to contribute to the more practical sides of Team HART.

Lotte Vermeulen

Hii! I'm Lotte

and currently I am a first year Master student from Applied physics. I completed my bachelors in Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics last year, so now I was looking beyond just studying to explore all the options the university has to offer. When I saw team HART and their vision, I was immediately interested.  I think that the processes of the human body are amazing (especially the interplay with the brain :) ); how our bodies allow us to function in our daily lives and give us so much possibilities and all at the energy cost of a single light bulb! Imagine if we added technology in order to go further and beyond. This interest is what caused me to join team HART, where I can work on the interaction between humans and technology in an innovative way. Here, I hope to learn more about the application of AI in designing human augmenting technologies. whilst being part of a team with whom I can have a lot of interesting discussions.

Juliette Passariello-Jansen
Tech, Marketing & Awareness

Hola! I'm Juliette,

a physics student from Maastricht University who has just finished the BEP with TU/e in the field of photonics. During my bachelor however, I have always been interested in joining student projects working on other fields! So far, I have had the opportunity to join a few projects that have expanded my knowledge and provided some experience in synthetic biology, science communication, bio-based research, science education, production, and business. One of these projects, Flui.Go Science, has actually turned into a start-up where I have worked for the past three years. Now, onto my latest adventure is Human Augmentation with HART!

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Wolff Voss
Marketing & Awareness
Hendrik Lohse
Mariia Turchina
Tech, Marketing & Awareness
Lourens Touwen
Robin van Hoorn
Tech & Business
Gijs Herings
Victor Brouwers
Eline Ensinck
Brigitte van der Lugt
Marketing & Awareness

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